WCBA Child Safety Policy

The safety, participation, and empowerment of the children associated with the Whittlesea Basketball Association (WCBA) will always be our number one priority. Everyone who participates in any WCBA activity is entitled to do so in an enjoyable, safe, and welcoming environment. At the WCBA, everyone must adhere to our accepted ethical framework, Victorian Working with Children Checks, WCBA’s Child Safety Policy, Procedures, & Codes of Conduct to ensure we provide our young people with the highest possible standard of care. The following is an overview of WCBA’s Policies, Procedures & Systems developed to ensure our obligations are met.

Whittlesea Basketball Association (WCBA) is committed to creating a child safe and child friendly environment where children and young people are respected, valued and encouraged to reach their full potential, with zero tolerances to child abuse in any form.

Basketball Victoria’s Child Safe Policy creates our foundation for a child-safe environment. It confirms and outlines the WCBA’s commitment to child safety clearly to everyone associated with our basketball community.

WCBA’s Child Safe Procedure sets out the processes for identifying, responding, and reporting suspected child safety concerns or abuse. The document demonstrates the strong commitment of the management, staff, and volunteers of WCBA to child safety, the screening process for people in our Association who work, coach, supervise, or have regular unsupervised contact with people under the age of 18, what constitutes good and poor practices when dealing with minors, and how to effectively respond to incidents of abuse.

The Child Safe Incident Reporting Process provides clear procedures for responding to and reporting child safety concerns or child abuse.
The WCBA’s Child Safety Incident Report Form 2024 WCBA is to be used for ALL child safety incidents, including any Child Abuse Incident or Allegation. If you believe a child is at immediate risk of abuse, please phone 000.

All adult Coaches, Team Managers, Officials, Staff, and Volunteers working with children under the age of 18 are required to provide a current Working With Children Check (WWCC) and Member Protection Declaration. If you require a WWCC you can apply for one here. There is no cost for Volunteers.

Basketball Victoria and the WCBA Codes of Conduct set out the expectations of all who participate in basketball – Administrators, Coaches, Parents, Players, and Spectators. The WCBA has also developed a  Child Safe Code of Conduct. Breaches to the Codes of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.

The Basketball Victoria Member Protection By-Law sets out the obligations for screening persons who work with children and deal with discrimination, harassment, and vilification in an effective, appropriate, and timely manner.

The WCBA Complaints and Welfare Committee is responsible for ensuring that policies and procedures are reviewed and updated, and that training exists for committee members, volunteers, coaches, team managers, parents, and employees on child safety matters. The Complaints and Welfare Committee is also responsible for identifying and managing risks relating to child safety. 
Leading the WCBA Complaints and Welfare Committee is our Welfare Officer – Damien Lehmann. The identification of a Welfare Officer & Committee provides children, young people, families, and volunteers with a clearly identifiable support network in the event of a suspected child safety issue. However, this does not remove the statutory obligation of all adults to report child abuse as per the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) and Mandatory Reporting regulations.

The WCBA Welfare Officer and members of the Complaints and Welfare Committee are available to listen, discuss and clarify issues raised by individuals at the WCBA. Players, members, employees, volunteers, and committee members can all speak with the Welfare Officer or Committee Members if they have questions or concerns in relation to child safety. Should concerns be raised, the Welfare Officer will implement the Policy.

The WCBA Welfare Officer Damien Lehmann can be contacted at complaints.welfare@wcba.org.au
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